What If I Told You Your Facilities Mattresses Should Last A DECADE?

You read that correctly.

With Airstring technology, your facility will add to it's bottom line while providing patients with the most sanitary mattress solution available.

Say hello to the future of mental health bedding. Say goodbye to nasty foam mattresses.

Your Mattresses Should Work For You.

Sounds crazy? Here is how:


100% Cleanable, 100% Sanitary

Forget everything you know about mattresses. Airstring matts are literally cleanable to the core, allowing you to provide your patients with an unmatched sanitary sleep surface.


TEN YEAR Guarantee

Seriously, a decade. We're that confident the core will hold up against defects.


Fully Recyclable

Your facility is already going green, and now it can take the next step. A decade down the line, Airstring cores will never end up in a landfill.


Replace Your Cover, Replace Your Core

Instead of purchasing another round of mattresses, add to your bottom line by purchasing only the replacement covers you need.


Made In The USA

No long lead times, no cheap offshore components. No price hikes. EVER.

Add To Your Bottom Line Today